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K I N D L I N G    S T O N E
“What if you could jump out of your shadow and see your life as it really is, without illusion…bring a person to truth, stripped of nonsense, lies and fairy tales, and make peace with it? Songwriter Chris Moore has been thinking this over for decades, using Buddhist, Quaker and Shaker traditions to get at it... Kindling Stone confronts listeners with an unusual spiritual vibe. Their (music) embraces the style of 18th-century Protestant hymns, a cappella and Appalachia, with themes of death, serenity and humility, to produce a 21st-century zone of mindfulness and peace, a counterpoint to the furious in-your-face society we've made for ourselves. The music is austere, calming, evoking centuries of prayer in tiny offers an uncorrupted witness to something better inside us.”

          --- Ray Waddle, The Tennessean (Nashville)

Complementing their original and thought-provoking folk songs, Kindling Stone members Chris Moore, Mark Wingate, and Charlotte Avant draw from the bounty of wise words and powerful melodies found in two early-American musical traditions: The Sacred Harp and The United Society of Believers, commonly known as the Shakers. These traditions (which blossomed during the 18th and 19th centuries and both continue today) respond to some of the same questions that Kindling Stone explores in their own compositions - questions about community, aging and death, love, family, peace, discipline, nature, prayer and meditation.

Kindling Stone’s musical influences are decidedly eclectic - bluegrass, folk, old-time, country, rock, sacred, and several world music traditions are all part of the landscape. Added to the mix are three distinct singing voices, Mark’s collection and interest in early American hymnals, and Chris’s study of Buddhist, Shaker, and Quaker teaching and practice. As a result, the debut recording from this Nashville trio harkens back to the early roots of the American musical spirit. At the same time, it leans forward into the growing spiritual pluralism of contemporary culture. This is a place of congregation, where the divine is found in the ordinary, and the natural world informs the inner journey. The sound is that of a simpler time - fiddle, mandolin, and reed organ – while the voices ask the listener to consider the ancient, timeless, poetic, and philosophical.

“Chris Moore is simply an amazing songwriter” - Dave Palmater, WUMB, Boston

“Moore’s poetic verse, in particular, is strange and arresting. His spiritual ballad ‘Closer’ is a gem.” - Acoustic Guitar Magazine

"Musical ruminations on death come in many forms. Death metal ... blues ... country. Rarely, however, does it sound beautiful and uplifting, unless it's music being made by Kindling Stone." - Maryville Daily Times (TN)

Shape Note Tune "Lenox"

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